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As it has for over 60 years, Supreme continues to invest in the highest quality equipment, inspection capabilities, and people to provide our customers with premier quality products at competitive prices. Our processes are designed to meet precision tolerances with an understanding of zero defects. Supreme machines everything from 1215 carbon steel and aluminum to 304L and 2205 stainless steels, with a size range up to 3″. We work with our customers to design the process for each part, to meet their needs for quality, delivery, cost and safety.

To meet the ever growing demands of traceability, quality control, and on time delivery goals, Supreme uses Plex, a cloud based ERP software. This allows smooth customer direct data transfer, detailed capability records, and individual container tracking.

Additionally, as Supreme embraces the increased cleanliness standards of the automotive industry, we have taken the step of adding a clean room. This designated area has positive air pressure, HEPA filtration, double entry doors, and parts are fed directly into this room off of our modified alcohol washer.

“Zero defects” is our mindset and culture at Supreme and is supported throughout the organization. Our primary focus is to produce the highest quality parts through developing a robust process and reliable prevention methods so customers can expect a world-class product every time.

Using the latest technology in measurement techniques and data recording, we can provide fast and accurate feedback to the operator to keep the processes in control. Historical data is then analyzed by engineering to allow for continual improvement.

Measurement equipment includes: Mitutoyo CMM, Roundness and Formtracer, OGP Multisensor, Keyence IDMM, Jomesa particle measurements.

We utilize the Advanced Product Quality Process (APQP) to drive initial quality and eliminate problems before the first part is produced. Our machines are equipped with the latest in sensors, cameras, and quality inspection devices to ensure any non-conforming parts are stopped at the machine, all parts are contained, and the problem is corrected immediately. In addition, poka-yokes are employed wherever possible to remove any potential for operator error.



Supreme works closely with our customers’ engineering teams to understand the application of parts and provide support through product development. From there, we adjust our processes to meet any design need. Supreme understands the goal in any product launch is a good manufacturing process, that is highly repeatable, to achieve zero defects and be verified to meet end user requirements.

  • 2D/3D Autodesk
  • 5D CAM
  • Cloud based sharing of design data
  • In-house programming for Fanuc, Siemens, Haas, Hydromat, and ABB Robots
  • In-house CMM
  • Project Management, APQP, and ECR systems
  • Prototype capabilities
  • Engineering support in both facilities covering many different processes and functions
  • DFM and DFA
  • In-house tooling and fixture design
  • Lean Manufacturing Workcell Design
  • Poka-yoke, In-Process gaging
  • Robotics and automation design
  • Cleanliness testing
  • Leak testing for various applications
  • Press force testing
  • Cycle load testing

Supreme continues to evolve as a company through equipment investment. As new demands arrive for tighter tolerances, more complex geometries, and increased cost pressures, Supreme is constantly looking at new technology options to best meet these needs as well as future challenges.

  • Supreme has numerous Hydromats producing millions of high precision parts every year.We have Epic R/T 32/45-16 machines and Legacy HB 32/45-16 machines. Our hydromats have CNC turning capabilities, programmable tooling counters, CNC 3 axis units, CNC 2 axis units, horizontal and vertical milling capabilities and Techna check tool monitors. All have capacity up to 44 mm (1 ¾ in). We consistently hold .001in on the OD, .003in on the OAL and .0004in on the ID.
  • We have many fully automated cells that include ABB robot arms and Fanuc Robodrills.
  • We have multiple spindle turning machines throughout both our plants ranging in size from 0.5” up to 3” in diameter. This includes both CNC and Cam driven equipment. Our plants display brands such as Gildemeister, Tornos, ZPS, Acme and Davenport. Many machines are equipped with tool sensors and all are maintained to the finest condition.
  • Secondary operations include CNC precision grinding (both in-feed and through feed), precision honing, milling, bending, broaching, stamping and welding. We can hold 8 microns (0.008mm or 0.000315″) on both through-feed and in-feed jobs.
  • Three large hydrocarbon and modified alcohol parts washers designed to meet the latest automotive cleanliness requirements.

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